About Irpinia Kitchens

For over half a century, Irpinia Kitchens has provided a luxurious brand of fine cabinetry to North Americans. Our relentless dedication to high-quality products and leading-edge custom designs has been at the core of Irpinia’s longevity and success.

Our History

Founded in 1960 by a young tradesman from Italy, Irpinia is nothing short of a Canadian success story. Named after the tradesman’s hometown, Irpinia began its journey as a small shop on Ossington Avenue in Toronto, Ontario. Irpinia outgrew the original storefront and relocated to a larger facility in Concord, Ontario in 1984. With a continued focus on quality and innovation, Irpinia established itself as an industry leader for custom cabinetry in North America. Irpinia’s brand attracted some of the world’s most famous celebrities, distinguished clientele and high-profile residential developers, completing some of the most complex and innovative cabinetry projects in the world. Irpinia’s evolution and growth fuelled the Company to open a 60,000 square foot state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Richmond Hill, Ontario complete with an 1,100 square foot showroom in 2001. The Toronto Mid-Town showroom was opened in 2009, featuring 3,500 square feet of the latest cabinetry trends, with full design expertise and customer service support.

Our Philosophy

“Passion is the essential ingredient in the manufacturing of a well built and designed product” – Todd Burdon, Chief Marketing Officer.

Irpinia’s talented designers combine the best of the best of European flare, with an infusion of character and functionality. Unlimited customization options combined with strict attention to the finer details, are both important elements to achieve highly sophisticated and unique designs. The ultimate result is that “Wow!” factor we are famous for.

Dedication to the art of fine cabinetry has been the key to our success. We develop close working relationships with key suppliers and trade partners to complement our team of highly skilled and dedicated artisans, all of whom share the same passion for quality and innovation. We carefully select the finest woods and raw materials that maintain the highest environmental and sustainability standards.

We believe that if you want to remain the best, ‘status quo’ is not an option. We travel the world in search of the latest trends and technology that we can bring home, giving our customers first hand access to unique and exclusive products. We continue to find and invest in highly advanced machinery, equipped with the newest industrial science, allowing our factory to perform ahead of the curve.

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